Saturday, July 30, 2011

What caught my eye this week ...

I had no idea there was the duel of the century going on between the Old Spice Guy and Fabio!  Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Pioneer Woman has a new Entertainment Section!  I liked this post.   

The government is still telling you to reduce your salt intake, but maybe you should look elsewhere for health advice.  Can you imagine what life would be like if the government got out of the health advice business?  Don't worry, there would still be plenty of people giving their opinions.  Try this opinion.  Here's a quote:  "they found that while reducing salt intake did decrease blood pressure, it also INCREASED THE RISK OF ALL-CAUSE DEATH in people with existing congestive heart failure"!  (Okay, the all caps was my edit.)

Now go clear your mind again by watching the Old Spice Guy/Fabio videos again.  Bwa ha ha ha ha!

This week's audience included people from Australia, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom!

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